The HTC Evo Shift, Equipped for Travel

The HTC Evo Shift is the perfect travel companion. Not only does the Evo Shift provide a constant source of entertainment, but it can also help manage your travel schedule, get you to your destination, and interpret several different languages when traveling across the globe. The EVO Shift is more than just a regular smart phone. The EVO Shift can be one of the more efficient travel planners you can get.

Before rounding up your belongings and packing your suitcase, you may want to stop and consider how you can optimize your Evo Shift to enhance your traveling experience. The EVO Shift isn't just a regular phone for entertainment. It can make your entire trip more organized. With the application FlightTrack, you won't worry as much about missing your flight. FlightTrack not only helps track over 1,400 airlines, but it'll also notify you of any changes or help you find the corresponding gate. According to the New York Times, this app is “Brilliant.” Even Forbes has claimed that any person traveling by air will want this application.

If you need help getting ready for your trip, you may want to download the Travel Organizer, by LoviEvi. This application is perfect for organizing your to-do list and making sure that you have everything packed. Packing isn't fun or easy. Instead of forgetting your toothbrush, HTC Evo Shift charger, or another important item, make sure to add it to your packing list. This application can even set reminders for your travel insurance, hotel booking, and much more.

Once you have reached your destination, where can help you find restaurants, attractions, deals, and entertainment in the area. Using your phone’s GPS, this app will give will provide you real time information on where to get cheap gas, current traffic conditions, future weather forecasts, and the latest news. Using where, you can also browse Yelp and the Yellow Pages to find the best places to eat and hang out. Instead of spending time trying to find the coolest hangouts and eateries, travelers can simply let this app do it for them.

If you plan on visiting several attractions on your trip, Wikitude can enhance your experience. When using this app, you simply point your camera at your surroundings. Utilizing your phone's GPS and camera, Wikitude compliments your surroundings with interactive content, comments, and information. If you're looking at a specific attraction, Wikitude will provide background information on it to help further understand the history of the area. From many traveling applications, this might be one of the most intriguing ones. Wikitude can serve as your personal tour guide.

The HTC Evo Shift can even double as a translator. The TransZilla Translator will help you translate text and audio from over 50 different languages. If you're going to be a foreigner in a different country, this application can be of great assistance. Once you’ve downloaded your translator, Wikitude, Where, and the Travel Organizer, you are finally ready to pack. As long as you remember important HTC Evo Shift accessories, like your charger and an extra HTC Evo Shift battery, you’ll be ready to have a fun, organized, and successful trip.